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Inspiring interviews with successful natural health practitioners. We hear about the habits and mindset that contribute to the growth and success of healers in their client or patient based businesses. We get to speak with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Energy Healers, Massage Therapists, Shamans, Pilates Instructors, Transformational Coaches, Personal Trainers, Corrective Exercise Specialists and more. To be inspired by new ideas and strategies of their success and service to their communities.
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Healing Business Podcast ~ Inspiring Business Podcast for Healers by Healers


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Oct 5, 2017

I'm back but not fully here apparently. I even introduced myself with only my pre-married name.

I am Tina Deane Coddington... Haha


I have a bit to say about my vacation in Italy all wonderful. What an impact the slower more relaxed pace had on me. 

If you ever go check out agriturismos for lodging, wonderful budget friendly options!

I did get a massage while I was away of course at a beautiful spa near where we were staying in Tuscany. The spa was an 9 with the facilities and views. The massage was quite good I'd give it a 7.5! Castello del Nero was the name of the spa my friend and I visited, definitely a lovely treat!


Coming home more relaxed and less rushed is causing me to re-think some things I am doing in my business.

I am staying close to my home one day a week and building a clientele in a new city.

The first two things I am doing to get that going are.

  1. Find office space and choose start date. Done, the Zen Room in Gilroy starting Mondays in November.
  2. Spread the word among my network of friends and colleagues. Have started to do so will be an ongoing task.

Thank you for listening!


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